Paul Pasch
Songsmith & Performer

Paul Pasch

Paul Pasch is a true songsmith. A crafter of songs that highlight common human experiences and evoke feelings of joy, laughter and sometimes tears.

Through the years Paul has performed in a variety of venues including house concerts, coffee houses and even in some establishments of questionable repute. Fortunately, in more recent years Paul has avoided the latter with moderately good success.

In concert, the songs and the stories within them are carried along by vocal melodies and solid, yet understated, acoustic guitar  support.

Paul has been nominated for three Motif Magazine Music Awards: 
   - Best Singer Songwriter
   - Best Male Vocalist
   - Best Local CD 'Tornado Sky'

In 2012 Paul was honored to be selected to perform in the prestigeous Suzi Wollenberg Folk DJ Showcase at the New England Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA).